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Wild Feminine Circle

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Hello Friends!

I am sending out this email to let you all know of an exciting new offering I am putting out into the world with Carla Orr. After reading this, if you know of anyone who may also be interested, please feel free to forward this email.

As you may know, I am very interested in working with women of all ages to tap into their own personal power and then go on to use the resulting confidence to make authentic and satisfying choices for their lives.

Carla’s work combining art with energy healing has been informed by training she received from Tami Lynn Kent, a pioneer in women’s holistic health. Tami wrote the book Wild Feminine so that all women would be able to access their own medicine and give them the tools to bring joy, balance, spirit, and creativity into their lives. This book is so full of useful and insightful information and has helped me in so many ways.

Carla and I have decided to form a Wild Feminine Circle that will meet monthly for women who are also interested in connecting to their core and exploring the full range of their wild feminine landscape. Have any of you been wanting to venture into some possibly unknown, unfamiliar but rich inner territory with others in a safe, nurturing circle? Well, now’s your chance!

Each month we will be going over one chapter in the book. The circle will be a place to discuss and share our thoughts on the given topic. Meditations, creative activities, and other things that naturally move us will also be part of the circle. We will also provide light refreshments.

Questions? Want to take a peek at the book before you join? Want to meet the two of us and see if this is something you might want to do? Come to our Free, no-obligation Info Session next Sunday, November 9th at 4pm to find out more!

We will gather at my house in Wenham. If you would like to join us, please let me know and I will send you my address, or fill out the form here. Exact details with dates are also on this page. Books are available to purchase for $15, each session is $15, or you can pay for the 7 months in full for $75. We will be circling the second Sunday of the month, from 4-6pm, starting in December.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and am happy to answer any and all questions you may have. And thank you, too, for passing this along to anybody else you believe is a Wild Woman at heart!

Sincerely Yours,


Birth Story Slam

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The second Birth Story Slam event is on the near horizon and will be held on Sunday, April 27th in Somerville, Massachusetts at The Burren starting at 5:30pm.

I had the pleasure of participating as a teller in the first Birth Story Slam which was held last spring in Jamaica Plain. It was amazing to hear all of the accounts that ranged from touching to inspiring to hilarious! This article in the Cambridge Day has a link to the trailer for this event featuring clips of  some of the stories from last year. Take a look!

Advance tickets are available here and tickets will also be available at the door. People of all ages are welcome, including babies of course!

The description of what the Birth Story Slam is all about from the BSS Facebook Page reads as follows:

“This event aims to highlight stories that too often remain hidden in hospital rooms, to challenge the stereotypes of those who seek an alternative, to bring together women, men and their community to realize the shared experience of childbirth.

We strive to unpack the joyful, ordinary, and devastating experiences that define childbirth in the U.S., to open up the conversation, and serve as a launch point for action.

A story slam is a contest of words held in a supportive space featuring both known and undiscovered talent. All are welcome.”

This is a unique event in a comfortable and fun setting. There will be table service so that audience members can have a drink or a bite to eat while they listen to the stories (each 5 minutes).  Men, women and children enjoyed the experience of sharing some incredible stories of birth.  We all have a birth story to tell! Taking the spoken word story or poetry slam model and applying it to this theme is a brilliant idea. Audience members will vote for their favorite teller and prizes will be awarded. While both of the Birth Story Slam events have been based in Boston, event organizers hope to expand to other cities in the future.

If you are out of the area and miss this event, go to the Birth Story Slam YouTube channel to listen to the stories from the first event.