800px-Dilukai_from_the_Caroline_IslandsModern medicine can be a wonderful thing. Yet, in many countries, more and more people are losing touch with understanding the natural and innate abilities a woman holds when it comes to birth. There will always be a need for medical interventions.  Each pregnancy is unique and having the advanced medical diagnostic tools and procedures to improve outcomes and save lives is greatly appreciated by those who have it available for them when needed. Yet, it does seem that the basic knowledge of how labor begins and will progress without disruption or intervention is often obscured or hard to find amidst all the fear about complications. Impatience plays a big part in this:  patients often want their care providers to ‘do something’ to move things along, and OBs/Nurses/Midwives are practicing under the threat of lawsuits if something goes wrong and they did not ‘do something’ to prevent it.

So knowing that things do not always go as we plan them in birth, it still makes sense to begin with a solid baseline of knowledge on what is NORMAL.  Once someone has a handle on that, then weighing, measuring and considering what interventions, (if any) make sense for them becomes a much clearer decision.  People who make clear and intentional decisions in this regard are much more likely to be satisfied with their birth experiences. And sometimes, not always, the best thing is to ‘do nothing’.