Think of the cycle of pregnancy and birth like tending a fire.

A burning fire is a powerful life force that is key to survival. Yet, without one or more key elements a fire cannot be sustained.

A fire needs:

  • oxygen,
  • heat
  • fuel

A powerful birth is like that fire. An experience that enhances and supports this important life cycle needs similar elements.  A positive birth experience begins with:

  • awareness of natural instincts (oxygen)
  • understanding of abilities (heat)
  • and a well-supported pregnancy and birth (fuel)

People who are able to experience birth in a self-affirming way carry forward the power of that experience into other areas of their life.

Often individuals change their approach from one birth to the next in order to better seize this power. Why not try to prepare well before they give birth the first time so that this opportunity can be maximized right from the start?

The sooner a woman is able to recognize and understand the significance of the birth experience and the potential power it has to fuel her in her mothering and beyond, the easier it is to uncover and harness the needed elements to start and keep that fire going.