The best path to a healthy and satisfying birth experience is to seek out quality resources that approach birth in a positive manner based on evidence based information.

We promote sources that treat pregnancy and birth in a healthy, low-risk population as a natural and normal event while acknowledging that interventions can be necessary and/or desirable in certain situations.

Women and families want choices about the type of caregiver they would like, pain relief options, and the setting where they give birth. Becoming aware of and weighing these options is essential. A person who has taken the time to fully develop their own personal birth philosophy is better able to navigate and make choices that work for them no matter what the situation may be.

A non-medicated birth is a goal for many but not the only way to achieve a transformative birth experience!  A woman who feels in control of the decision-making when it comes to her pregnancy and birth is likely to be satisfied and empowered by it. A person who is confident and content with their birth experience (even if it was not exactly as they envisioned) is better able to move more smoothly into breastfeeding and early parenthood.