Nine months is often not long enough for someone to fully explore various ideas and approaches in order to find the ones that optimally support their unique situation, preferences and desires. So let’s start talking about it sooner!

Childbirth education is helpful at any point in pregnancy, however, Birth Philosophy feels that a key to improving satisfaction with birth outcomes lies with engaging a younger (non-pregnant!) audience on these important issues. Studying the cultural attitudes, policies and practices in regard to maternity care is a public health issue that concerns us all. College students regularly study economics, religion or literature~so why not include childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting into the mix?

Learning about birth as an academic pursuit allows an objectivity that is easier to achieve than when the focus is on one’s own pregnancy.  Providing a forum for the voice of a younger audience is important for expanding choices and improving care for birthing families.

Peer to peer sharing on college campuses and in local communities is encouraged in order to further expand the circle of knowledge. We want to spread the message that in order to improve birth, individuals need to take charge of directing their own experiences by forming a strong personal ‘birth philosophy’ well before they become pregnant or go into labor.

Birth: it’s not just for pregnant people any more!