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Happy Mother’s Day

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I suppose it is fitting that the Birth Philosophy website is about to be ‘born’ just as Mother’s Day is being celebrated this year. Helping people to develop a personal birth philosophy at an earlier age and stage than is typical is something I hope to be able to encourage and promote here.

So much in childbirth education is centered around the baby and how exactly the tiny new person is born. And, isn’t that what it is all about? Well, yes, but there is more. Each time a women gives birth, a mother is also born. Motherhood is defined as ‘a state of being a mother’, and how a woman gets to that state is important.

I look forward to highlighting not only the work of many famous Birth Philosophers (authors, advocates and experts) who have supported women having healthy and positive birth experiences, but also young voices who are engaged and interested in learning, sharing and effecting change.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, past, present and future.



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