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What is Birth All About?

  • Instincts


    Trust your instincts! This phrase is used often, yet so many of our natural instincts are masked, ignored or overridden due to societal pressure, fear or lack of support.  Many women are challenged by or have lost the ability to be in touch with what their body is telling them.

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  • Natural Abilities

    Natural Abilities

    All women have natural abilities designed for pregnancy and childbirth but are all too often unaware or out of touch with them.

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  • Transformation


    Birth is important! The birth of a baby is also the birth of a mother. This life experience cycle can be a period of positive growth and personal transformation for a women if she is informed and in control of her care.

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  • Work With Me

    Work With Me

    You want to create the best environment for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum time. I will teach you how to keep yourself at the center so that you are not lost, overwhelmed or confused by others’ advice or opinions. We will tap into your inherent wild feminine nature.  I will provide you with resources containing evidence-based information. Together, we will integrate each of these essential elements for making informed choices using creativity and heart centered awareness. Learn More

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